I’m Elena, I’m far too close to 30 for my liking and I live in a village in Northamptonshire with my beardy husband and three kitties.

This blog began as an award nominated plus size style blog but took a different turn when I fell pregnant with my first child early 2015. There is so much scaremongering around being plus size and pregnant so I wanted to honestly document my pregnancy whatever happened. However, I could never have imagined what lay ahead. 

At 25 weeks we found out our son had Down’s Syndrome which I wrote about very honestly in two parts here and here. Alongside the DS was a diagnosis of a heart condition and a rare oesophageal condition which turned out to be far worse than anyone thought and sadly, four weeks before my induction date our beautiful boy, Aneurin, passed away. It was a devastating end to an emotional rollercoaster of a pregnancy. 
I was apprehensive about sharing such an incredibly personal experience and continuing the blog but as I said above I wanted this to be an honest account of my pregnancy and everything it entailed. It breaks my heart knowing how many parents go through this trauma and how silent this world is. I want to focus on healing after loss and share the things that help me celebrate my son’s life and enable me to continue putting one foot in front of the other. If by sharing my grief and how I attempt to live with it brings comfort to another bereaved parent or helps a loved one to support them then it’s worth it. 

Our journey took another turn as we welcomed our second child, Lilian, a beautiful little sister for Aneurin, into the world safely in August 2016. A pregnancy after a loss or a ‘rainbow’ pregnancy is both incredible and very trying and I wanted to continue my honesty by documenting my way through the pregnancy. Now I’m sharing my life as I find my feet as a mum to two children, one who lives in my heart and one who lives in my arms. 

Aside from being a mama I like lounging in baths, daydreaming about adding to my much loved tattoos and binge watching Netflix with a cat or three for company. I’m a home body but I’m happiest and most peaceful by the sea. Sadly though, living in the most landlocked part of the UK, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Other things that please me are feminism, body positivity, belly dancing, books, cups of tea made by my husband, lipstick, old Hollywood glamour and cake.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it here!
Mrs D x