Gifted items
As part of my blog I often accept items for review. It will be clearly explained in the post or with a disclosure at the bottom when something has been gifted to me. Opinions expressed in these posts are entirely my own and will always be honest.

Sponsored posts
Occasionally I will write a post about something whether it be an item, experience, campaign or event in return for payment. These posts only happen rarely as I will only ever publish content that I think is relevant to my blog or that I feel particularly enthralled by. As with gifted items, opinions will always be 100% my own and not influenced by a third party. I will always disclose when this is the case at the bottom of the post. I do not accept pre-written content.

Affiliate links
Where there is a link to a product in a post it may be an affiliate link. This means I earn a small percentage when either the link is clicked or a purchase is made as a result of clicking through. Posts containing affiliate links will be clearly marked at the bottom.

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