Going Glam at the British Plus Size Awards

It’s been a few weeks since the British Plus Size Awards happened but I’ve been snowed under with uni assignments and I haven’t spent a weekend at home since the beginning of November so blogging has sadly slowed down a little. However, I have a few hours to myself this morning so I thought it was about time I showed you my outfit for the awards!

The awards were a black tie event which usually means a long dress. Long dresses do not look good on me; they’re rarely long enough and I like a little volume around my hips otherwise my shape looks a little odd. Scarlett & Jo very kindly offered me their Embellished Velvet Dress to wear but when I tried it on it just didn’t work for me and I wasn’t comfortable looking so lumpy. I was quite heartbroken because it is honestly one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen, so luxurious and glam. I’m currently running a giveaway on my instagram to win this dress in a size 24, go and take a look!
Embellished blue velvet maxi dress
However, I’d had my eye on the Going Glam dress super blogger Nicolette Mason designed with Modcloth since it was teasingly added to the site three weeks before it was available for sale (why, Modcloth, why?!). When I showed it to people more than a couple of them said it was the perfect dress for me so it seemed silly not to give it a go!
I initially went for my usual s a size in all the items I’ve bought from Modcloth, a 3X (for reference, I’m a UK24) but it was a little too tight on my boobs so I sized up to a 4X which gave me some extra room for my three course meal. As the dress was satin I thought I’d go full on luxurious, swanky material and got myself a velvet shrug and shoes because who doesn’t love a bit of velvet?
I desperately didn’t want to wear black tights so knowing how well the All Woman tights from The Big Tights Company fit me, I gave their ‘natural’ tights in size 22-32 a go. The last time I wore nude tights that actually fit was my school leaving party in 2003 so I was a bit skeptical! I needn’t have been though because as always with All Woman, they fitted perfectly. They stayed up all night without any need for lifting my dress over my head and hoiking them up in a classy fashion, nor did I get Nora Batty ankles.
Although my outfit was quite simple I felt flippin’ fabulous in it. With my pin curled hair and having had my eye make-up done at Illasmasqua earlier in the day I felt so glamorous! 
I normally loathe photos of my laughing with my massive gob open but I really love this!
The lovely folk at Panache very kindly took Becky and I as their guests so we got to spend the night with this lovely pair, Jennie and Richard. How fancy do they both look?! Jennie’s skirt was possibly the most beautiful skirt I had ever seen!
My favourite blog girls, BettyKateRivkie and Becky. These girls keep me laughing and breathe life into me when I’m feeling marginally less fabulous than usual. 
There was a real life red carpet which we all spent a significant amount of time posing on whilst the photographer, Betty’s lovely husband Nicky (who also makes the fab Nicky Rocket tees!), patiently snapped away.
As most of you know I was up for Best Blog at the awards. I was so shocked when I found out I had been shortlisted, it was seriously overwhelming. Regardless of any issues people have with the event and organisation itself, being up for an award means people took the time and effort to nominate me and for that I want to say a huge thank you. I was amazed to be in a category with bloggers I respect so much and see as being far more established and successful than I am so being nominated in the first place was more than enough of an achievement for me. Although I didn’t win I genuinely didn’t feel a hint of disappointment because I lost out to the beautiful and inspiring Betty Pamper. Betty’s blog was one of the first I ever read and she works so very hard on it so it was a well deserved win. Her posts are always full of sass and style and I’m insanely happy to call her my friend. Well done, B!
I love this photo! Especially my red lipstick mark on her face 😀

Thank you again to everyone who nominated and voted for me, I love you all!

Mrs D x


  1. December 18, 2014 / 9:31 am

    Loved your dress so much! Suited you too a T and fitted in with the black tie theme beautifully because of the colour and the way you accessoried it xxx sarah h

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