My Top 5 Best Baby Buys

Six weeks into life with a baby and there have a few items that have made our lives a lot, lot easier so I thought I’d share them with you! 
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (approx. £69.99) – If you are formula feeding or combination feeding like we are, this machine is a must. It prepares bottles at the perfect temperature in under two minutes. No waiting for a kettle to boil plus another half an hour for it to cool whilst trying to soothe a hungry, crying baby. At £69.99 (on Amazon when I wrote this), it doesn’t break the bank, especially when you’re going to be using it 8 times a day in the newborn phase. It’s so simple to use I can do it one handed whilst Lily hangs off my boob! There’s definitely something to be said for the incredible ability you develop to multitask when you become a mum!
Ewan The Dream Sheep (£29.99) – Ahh Ewan, you beautiful purple sheep! This fluffy little fella emits actual heartbeat and womb recordings combined with three different sounds; a harp, rain and vacuum cleaner, at a low base frequency to soothe babies and toddlers to sleep. His tummy also glows pink to add to the womb-replica environment. The first three months of a baby’s life are referred to as the fourth trimester, a period in which they need the closeness, security and warmth that they’ve lived in for the previous nine month to continue to ease their transition from womb to earth-side. Ewan does his little part in that! We put Ewan on as soon as we lay Lily down for the night, whether it’s in her Sleepyhead in the Snuzpod next to me or in bed with me and it really helps to settle her to sleep. He doesn’t just work on babies either, mummy and daddy have become quite fond of him especially the rain setting!
Sleepyhead Portable Baby Pod (£110) – The Sleepyhead is one of the few portable bed products that is licensed as being safe for babies to sleep in overnight. It’s one of the main reasons we bought it so we could use it both inside the Snuzpod whilst Lily is small and take it to pop into the cot bed or our bed when we stay with grandparents. The raised bumper edge cuddles baby so they feel secure which is incredibly helpful if your little one prefers to be cuddled to sleep. It is quite pricey at £110 and although it claims to last from 0-8 months I doubt Lily will be in it much longer than 6 months because she’s quite long and not far off touching the bottom with her feet already. However, we not only use it overnight but for her naps during the day so it’s definitely paid for itself. I actually managed to buy one second hand from a mama on Instagram for around £90 including a spare cover which is worth £40. I’d definitely recommend getting a spare cover for milk drunk sickies and poonamis incidents!
Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin (£32.99 for starter pack) – I was in two minds as to whether it was worth buying one of these when I pregnant, thinking I might as well just put the nappies in a nappy bag and straight into the bin but I’m so, so glad I decided to buy one! We keep this upstairs for overnight nappy changes when we really can’t be bothered trying to faff around with getting one nappy bag out of the pack rather than the 30 that inevitably come out. It works by a twist off system that seals the nappy in its own section eliminating any smells and creating a hilarious sausage string of 28 nappies (based on using size 1 nappies). 
Snuzpod Bedside Crib (£199.95 inc. mattress) – I’m planning on doing a full review of the Snuzpod further down the line but for now let me say I am over the moon with it! I knew I wanted a co-sleeper crib when I was pregnant with Aneurin so I’d had my eye on this for a long time. This beautiful wooden crib can be used as a standalone crib, with the side zipped down attached to your bed or with the top lifted off as a bassinet. Not only does it look lovely, it’s sturdy, easy to assemble and perfect if you want to bedshare but are a little apprehensive like I was. Although we have the Sleepyhead inside it for now it’s so easy to just slide Lily over to me during the night if she needs a cuddle or for feeding. If you’re planning on breastfeeding I’d really recommend it because if you can master feeding laying on your side it makes those exhausting night feeds so, so much easier. 
Mums-to-be, are any of these on your shopping list? Mums, is there anything you’d add to this list? 
Mrs D x
*Please note this post contains affiliate links.

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  1. September 30, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    3 out of 5 are on my list haha..

    Already have my eye on the pink tommee tippee bin that's going to get purchased and have a sleepyhead on the way. I LOVE snuzpods but the cost is just so much! It's a bit of a toss up between the snuz and the chicco next 2 me.

    Lucie xx

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