Pregnancy Update – Week 33

Sleep:  Where has my beautiful sleep gone?! Pea is taking advantage of my lovely quiet, peaceful body and has started having his raves in the middle of the night now which wake me up, then I need a wee and by the time I’ve gotten back in bed I’m awake and it takes me ages to fall back to sleep. I know they say it’s preparing me for sleepless nights to come but he’ll be snoring away in hospital 40 miles away so how is that fair?!

Eating: Nectarines are my food of choice this week. And strawberries.  

Clothes: Still rotating the only few that fit me because it seems silly to buy anything so close to the end. I have been stocking up on packs of giant pants and nighties for my hospital bag though! 

Appointments: No more weekly daycare, yay! My blood pressure has gone down and is stable so instead of spending 3 hours having it monitored and having bloods taken every week I just have to see my midwife to get it and my urine checked. I’m so pleased because I was worrying about pre-eclampsia and such for a while but it seems like my body has had a word with itself and is doing well again. 

We had our second growth scan this week and everything looks good. He is measuring 5lb 3oz which I’m hoping is as inaccurate as everyone says because otherwise I’ll be looking at delivering a 9-10lb baby! My mother in law came with me to my appointment and it was the first time she’d been to a scan with me which was lovely, she got quite weepy! 

I was also given my induction date at my appointment! 24th August we have to ring Leicester Royal at 7am to make sure there’s a cot available in the NICU and if there is then away we go. I felt a bit hysterical when she told me, it suddenly feels very real! 

Mood: A lot, lot better than the last couple of weeks. It helps that Mr D has finished work for the summer (he’s a teacher) so I’ve got some company during the day now. 

Worries: I think I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea of him being in hospital longer than we thought, I’m finding talking about it a lot to people is helping, plus I’ve been in touch with a couple of support groups for DS who have been invaluable. I’m still worried about how we’ll cope but I know we will because we won’t have a choice. 

Bump: I still don’t feel like it’s gotten any bigger over the last couple of weeks but when I saw my midwife the other day she said it definitely had!  

Best bit: Two really lovely things have happened in the last three weeks; we went and met some families at our local DS support group which was fantastic and I had my baby shower! I’m going to write a separate post on my baby shower and share some photos because it was so, so lovely. My best friend put insane amounts of effort into it, I want to have one every week!

Worst bit: Just the few moments of worry and sadness I’ve had about Pea being in hospital. There have been a lot of tears.    

Symptoms: Exhausted. I have never felt so exhausted in my life! I wake up feeling like my body hasn’t slept at all.  

Movement: All sorts of Alien style movement now. I watched a knee try to break free a minute ago! 

Looking forward to: Our second antenatal class this weekend. We’re doing a signature one with the NCT over two days, the first of which was really good. I was in quite a lot of pain by the afternoon though because it’s sitting on chairs all day but I took my birthing ball and switched back and forth to ease the pressure on my pelvis. Would anyone be interested in a blog post outlining what’s involved and whether it’s worth investing in an NCT course rather than the standard NHS?  

Mrs D & Pea x

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