Superdrug Beauty Studio – Brow Tint and Threading Review

When you become a parent there are so many things that were once important to you that fall to the wayside. One of these for me was general beauty maintenance. Pre-parent Elena regularly removed her bodily hair (although honestly that is mostly me realising I really don’t care about it!), actually made follow up appointments when she had her brows done and got her hair cut every 6 weeks. Now I’m lucky if I wash my hair more than once a week and the only body hair I remove is that weird white one that suddenly appears two inches long on my forehead. Slowly, slowly I am trying to do more things for myself though so when Superdrug teamed up with the incredible group of badass, punky parents I’ve found my home in, I jumped at the chance to get involved. We were gifted a voucher to use against a treatment in a Superdrug Beauty Studio in exchange for an honest review.

My nearest Superdrug Beauty Studio is in Milton Keynes and to be honest I had no idea there was a beauty studio at the back of the store until I went onto their website to check! Thankfully it was empty when we arrived so the beauty therapist saw me straight away. I asked for a brow tint and thread, two things I’ve had countless times before so knew what to expect.

The therapist was really efficient with the threading which helped me to relax because there is nothing worse than unsure, unsteady threading! I was a bit apprehensive when she didn’t ask what shape I wanted as I’ve had a negative experience with someone going off-piste before, but I needn’t have been because she followed my natural shape beautifully. She tweezed and trimmed to finish before moving onto the dye. I loved how neat she was with the dye, all the fine hairs were picked up and there wasn’t a speck left on my skin. The whole process took no more than 15 minutes and I was so, so pleased with the result.

My brows are generally a bit rubbish, especially towards the ends where I have about four hairs on a good day. After my treatment though they looked flippin’ amazing! The shape was perfect and colour had really defined them. I genuinely couldn’t have been happier with them.

I personally don’t find threading painful but my skin isn’t such a fan and tends to go quite red afterwards. I took this about ten minutes after my treatment (whilst having my boobs fitted under a really good light!). The beauty therapist didn’t give me any aftercare advice to follow but having had threading done before I knew what to expect. The redness and soreness went down after a few hours and now I’m just left with really good eyebrows!

It’s such a handy set up, being able to just pop in when you’re passing with a spare few minutes. However I think with it being such a fast service it has the potential to feel a little impersonal. My therapist was highly skilled and I have no complaints with the results of my treatment but she didn’t really talk to me during or explain what she was going to do. If you’d not had threading or a tint before that could be quite unnerving. I think if I was in need of a quick tidy up I would use the service again but would definitely prefer a more personal experience, especially when my toddler ravaged time is precious!


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