50 Random Facts: 1-10

I know, I know; this bloody random facts tag is clogging up your reading list and you’re sick of them…well, suck it up because here’s another one! I’ll break it down into five posts for you though so it’s a bit more readable. How kind of me!

I like this kind of self indulgent nonsense, it’s nice learning a bit more about the person behind all the reviews, photos and articles.

1. The only magazines I read are either food or craft related. I have no time for anything else.
2. Human statues, clowns and people in masks make me really, really uncomfortable.
3. I was a vegetarian until I was 12 but still didn’t eat red meat until I was 16. I’m still not a huge fan of meat now but my husband is very carnivorous and I’m too lazy to make two different meals!
4. I was born in Belgium and my heritage is made up of Italian, Irish and Spanish. I’m proud of that, I don’t know why.
5. According to my hairdresser I’m the only person he’s ever met whose natural hair colour doesn’t suit their skin tone.
6. I am constantly worried about people being cross or annoyed with me.
7. I have all the patience in the world when it comes to other people but none at all with myself.
8. The only trousers I own are capri pants.
9. I love slippers. Really love them.
10. My family are the most important thing in the world to me.

Have you done one of these? Leave me a link if you have so I can read yours!

Mrs D x

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