50 Random Facts: 31-40

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1. My mum calls me Alice or Ethel as a term of endearment.
2. We’ve lived in this house for two years and I’ve not once taken out the rubbish…I want to feel ashamed but I really don’t haha.
3. I can’t think of any vegetable I don’t like.
4. I was a massive greebo as a teenager, wide legged cords, shag bands and ironic t-shirts were my speciality.
5. My favourite scents are floral-based ones. Especially old lady, rose scents.
6. Throughout my life I’ve wanted to go down about 70 different career paths but the only consistent thing has been something writing based.
7. I was bullied so badly in my first two years of secondary school that I moved schools.
8. Our home didn’t feel like a complete home to me until we adopted our kitties.
9. Despite being quite an emotionally fragile person I am incredibly determined to prove people wrong when they assume I can’t or won’t be able to do something.
10. Knitting is my chicken soup for the soul.

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