Birthday Sunflowers

My favourite outfit as a child in the mid early 90s was a pair of amazing lime green leggings with bright yellow sunflowers and white daisies on with a big white t-shirt with a giant flower in the middle. It was hideous but pretty incredible.

I’m not sure how I feel about the 90s trends this season, mostly because it reminds me of the fact that I’m old enough to be experiencing fashion I once wore and firmly left behind coming back round! But also because velvet scrunchies. No. I do however feel pretty good about the re-introduction of MASSIVE SUNFLOWERS by way of this popular ASOS Curve Sunflower Print Dress. I’m also quite enjoying the button down front. It gives it a bit of extra detail but because they’re not proper button holes it retains it’s shape and stops my husband thinking he’s hilarious and unbuttoning it in public! The jersey material is just heavy enough so it hangs beautifully with just enough movement to it but is still light enough for the summer. I was really pleased with the length too, ASOS dresses tend to come up a little short on my 5 ft 8 frame but this sat just a couple of inches above my knees.

I promise he isn’t always that miserable….

It was my hairy husband’s birthday a few weeks ago so we went to stay in a nearby city overnight so we could go out for dinner and cocktails without arguing about who was going to drive home! It sounds like such a generic thing to do but it was so, so lovely. We very rarely go out for a drink just the two of us and not having to worry about anything other than what we were going to eat for a weekend was quite refreshing.

Honestly, he is happy sometimes. And also, phwoar.

We found our way into a bar having a ‘soft open’ where there was a guest list but for some reason the bouncer took a shine to us (or my boobs…) and let us in to drink some ridiculously tasty 2 for 1 cocktails!

Our weekend finished with a well needed Cafe Rouge breakfast. They do the tastiest Pain Perdu with teeny Bonne Maman pots!
If you’ve blogged about the sunflower dress, leave your link below so we can all have a nose! 
Mrs D x
ps. It’s my birthday tomorrow! I’ll be seeing some of your at the Junarose blogger’s event so feel free to give me your share of cake 😀

6 thoughts on “Birthday Sunflowers

  1. Great dress! Love the happy print – but it totally takes me back to the 90's as well where I was wearing a floral granny dress (I'm ashamed to say that is what we called them!), docs, faded denim jacket, lots of eye liner and a bad attitude!

  2. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I hope you have a lovely day!

    You look fabulous! That dress has been on my wish list for far too long; I love it! Sunflowers have always been one of my favourite flowers. I'm pretty sure I had a similar outfit you described when I was little, too! xx

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