Bowing Out(side)

I’m so pleased the sun is out a little more now because it means I can take some outfit posts in the fresh air with the lovely daylight. I’m only venturing into my (very untidy and in need of husband’s muscly gardening skills) garden but it’s better than nothing. 

I’m really enjoying jeans at the minute even though I do feel like I’m being a bit lazy by reaching for them so much but it’s just nice to have found a bit of extra confidence in myself to wear them. My wardrobe doesn’t contain too much tops so I’m trying to utilise what I already have, like this sweet little bow print cardigan from South at Very. 
Peaches Jeans from Simply Be
Peep Toe Flats from Evans
Shell locket from Etsy
I’d just had my hair re-coloured which is why it looks so lovely and bright! They also had some extra time so curled it for me too. I felt all fancy. 
Mrs D x

4 thoughts on “Bowing Out(side)

  1. I really am loving your hair; so gorgeous! You look fabulous in jeans and I really like the cardi. I'm so grateful for all the extra daylight, too- it means I can actually take half decent photos! xx

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