How I Gently Nightweaned My Toddler

Night weaning a toddler can feel overwhelming. If you’re breastfeeding past a year and venturing into extended breastfeeding you’ll know the child/boob relationship becomes quite different. It isn’t about sustanance anymore, although the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding beyond infancy are still rife, it’s part of your parenting relationship and a huge source of comfort. So […]

Plus Size Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes – ASOS Curve Ditsy Dress

If I thought finding plus size maternity clothes was hard, the lack of plus size breastfeeding friendly clothes is on a whole other level. As such, since having my little boob fiend my clothing options have become severely limited. (And don’t even get me started on big cup nursing bras…) The dresses that made up the […]