Christmas Day OOTD

We always put on something a little fancier than usual on Christmas Day even if it’s just something with a bit of sparkle in. When I modelled this dress at Plus North in September I knew I wanted to save it to wear at Christmas. It’s beautiful, a little fancy and incredibly comfortable which is important for a day of being on my feet and then eating all the roast parsnips! I didn’t sit down for the first time until 4pm so slippers were an imperative part of my Christmas Day outfit too.

One of the benefits of having damaged my hair slightly when colouring it is that it is far more pliable! Victory rolls have never worked that well in my hair before because even when it was dirty it was still very fine and soft but now it has a little more…stiffness (herp) in it victory rolls were a doddle. I didn’t bother with lipstick because it would only get ruined so welcome, naked lips, to your first blog appearance!
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Dress from Simply Be
Slippers from Clothing At Tesco 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have a few blog posts I’d like to get up before New Year but if I don’t manage it, have a magical New Year too 🙂
Mrs D x

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