Collectif Gretel Dress Goes To The Beach!

A few weeks ago Mr D and I went to stay with his best friend in Bristol. It was gloriously sunny so we spent a day at the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to debut my beautiful new Collectif Gretel Gingham dress!

I found the fit to be very similar to the Dolores dress. I got a size 22 which was perfect for me. My hips are definitely more a 24 than 22 so unfortunately I can only fit into Collectif flared dresses due to the skirts being free size. It was a little snug over my boobs and you can see the buttons are pulling a tiny bit but generally a bloomin’ comfy and gorgeous fit!

 I normally avoid halter neck dresses because I’m not the biggest fan of my big chubster arms. Plus I’m yet to find a strapless bra to contain the girls! However, it was cool enough in the shade to keep my cardi on and when it did get really warm my comfort took over my silly insecurities and I just tucked my bra straps into my dress and got on with it! I even undid the halter for a spot of sun bathing…I like to live on the edge.

There was sunbathing, penny arcades and ice creams. The biggest ice creams I’d seen in years!

My two favourite boys in the world!

You can tell my husband had a good day because he’s doing genuine smiling in not one but two photos! He has a tendency to pull a face like an owl when there’s a camera near him unless he’s on top of the world haha.

I knew I wanted the dress as soon as I saw it on the gorgeous George modelling it for Collectif but I didn’t quite anticipate just how much I would love it; I want to wear it all the time! It’s next outing is going to be at the end of the month for a regular burlesque show I help out at. I’m going to flounce it up with a petticoat and swap the casual leggings for tights. I can’t wait!

Mrs D x

ps. I hope you’re all enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Collectif Gretel Dress Goes To The Beach!

  1. I just bought this in the same size but the black version; it's lovely! It's so nice to see someone my size wearing it and looking so good in it; I hope I can do it justice too! I actually think the cut and style of this particular dress look better on a fuller figure. I want the gingham one now!

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