Comfy, Comfy, Clarks

During my teens I was very guilty of wearing shoes that were far too small for me and left me with crippling blisters that meant I winced with every step. As I’ve gotten older though I’ve swapped the ridiculous for the comfortable and my feet are so very thankful for it!  I’ve come to terms with the fact that my feet are more a 9 than an 8 and I definitely do need a wide fit. Unfortunately that means I’m quite limited to where I can shop. I’ve learnt to wait until I find shoes I really love and spend that little bit extra than grabbing whatever fits for a tenner. There are a handful of places I know I’ll always find something I love that are guaranteed to fit and Clarks are one of them.

I own a few pairs of brogues from Clarks so when I was offered a pair of shoes to review I made sure I went for something a little different. It was difficult though because they have so many gorgeous brogues in their AW14 collection! I went in store to choose them which isn’t something I do very often but I’m really glad I did because it meant I got to see what the colours were really like and have a feel of the materials. The young girl who served me was so helpful and didn’t bat an eyelid when I handed her five pairs of shoes and asked to try them in a wide fit 8, wide fit 9 and a standard 9. Because I’m an incredibly awkward person the pair I fell in love with weren’t in stock in a wide fit 9 so I had them sent next day delivery to my house. It wasn’t quite the same as leaving the shop swinging a bag of shoes gleefully but it was a nice surprise when I forgot I’d ordered them the next day!

The pair I chose were the Griffin Molly shoes in patent oxblood, a colour I am all over at the minute. They’re £44.99 which might seem a lot but considering how sturdy (and beautiful!) they are, they’re definitely worth it.

If your feet are on the larger end of the scale, have a look at Clarks, I can’t recommend them enough! And if your feet aren’t but you just love shoes, have a look too! They have some really lovely smart shoes in at the minute in gorgeous autumnal colours. 
Clarks Autumn Shoes

Mrs D x

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