Cupcakes Of The Week

This week has been a quiet one on the blog front because I’ve been struck down in my prime with the lurgy. I mocked my husband last week for having man-flu and karma has come round to bite me on the bum! I have the most rubbish tonsils ever and whenever there’s the slightest virus going round they zap it up and torture me. So I currently have tonsils the size of golf balls, ridiculously sore ears and I’m so groggy I feel like I’ve drunk nothing but gin for the last week. Hooray!

Fortunately I only had one cake order for Father’s Day but I had to do most of that with a scarf wrapped round my face just in case! It was a gluten free order from a dear friend who wanted something for her husband for Father’s Day. She wanted toffee which I was quite glad about because gluten free cakes aren’t the nicest so they quite often need a strong flavour to make up for it! 
This is what I rustled up…

The stupid lines from my camera are still going strong buttttt, something exciting is happening tomorrow that could mean that will be rectified! I’m not allowed to say what it is until tomorrow but I’m going to need your help, blogging friends 😉
I hope you’re all doing something lovely for your daddys today whether it’s giving them a hug, cake or just remembering them. It was my lovely, silly step-dad’s birthday this week too so when we go and visit them next weekend I’m going to make him some cupcakes with these on top… 😀

Mrs D x

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