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I love underwear. It’s a funny little thing that has been passed down through the generations on my mum’s side to take pride in your pants! My mum told me that right up until my nana died if she was leaving the house she wore her roll on girdle and stockings. It makes me chuckle to think that I have things in my lingerie drawer that are identical to one’s my nana would have had 60 years ago.

As much as I love retro and vintage style lingerie they’re not always the most practical for every day. And having big ol’ boobies and sizeable arse means a lot of the beautiful vintage lingerie I admire won’t contain my lot. Fortunately for me there are quite a few lingerie companies that cater for big busts and I’m more than happy to keep my girdles and nylons for special occasions in favour of pretty, supportive comfort.

One of these brands that I cannot get enough of at the minute is Curvy Kate. I had a couple of Curvy Kate bras when they first launched in 2009 but due to not finding the right size and being too lazy to exchange them they sat in the back of my drawer as emergency bras. (Big mistake; don’t keep bras that don’t fit, your boobs are precious and they deserve good things!) So I brushed the brand aside and thought they just didn’t suit my shape. Silly!

I was lucky enough to attend an event back in July where as well as learning more about the brand and seeing the beautiful new collection, I had a fitting. This event was the 3rd bra-related one I’d been to this year and I was fitted at them all. One fitting left me feeling pretty glum after being told I had odd shaped boobs and that 90% of bras wouldn’t fit me so I should take whatever fits and not get too hung up on the design. I went away with a bra that although it was a different size to the one I went in still didn’t fit right. Fortunately the other event I went to I was fitted properly (and told my boobs were a perfectly normal shape!) and the wonderful girls at Curvy Kate confirmed that. Infact they helped even more by letting me know my sister sizes and that catering to my slightly bigger boob might make life a bit more comfortable.

(Quick side note to say that fitting time was bloody marvellous and hilarious. Imagine 15 girls running around in their bras trying to grab a bra from a big pile in a room with huge windows that overlook a busy, hip street in Shoreditch. Loved it!)

After the event I was sent the beautiful Rosie set which despite a few teething problems (massive love and thank you to Himare for being so helpful and not batting an eyelid at my 47 emails with photos of my boobs in!) fits like a dream. Due to my boobs being quite far apart they don’t sit quite right in the bottom of the cups of Curvy Kate bras which at first I thought would be a problem but it actually has no bearing on the support or shape I get from the bra at all! Turns out Curvy Kate do suit my shape, I just needed to be wearing the right size funnily enough!

See, magical floaty boobs! Top: Portia in seafoam, bottom: Lottie in white.

Rather serendipitously around that time I was perusing various sale websites and found a Curvy Kate sale at Brand Alley with bras for half price! I ordered three bras, the Portia in Seafoam (which was the bra I was fitted in at the event) and Lottie in both black and white. They are all so incredibly comfortable and all give me a lovely shape. The Lottie though is probably my favourite due to the slightly pointed shape it gives me.

Although I didn’t get the matching knickers (they go up to a 22 but I’d prefer a 24) I have found various pairs in places like Yours Clothing and Simply Be that are a lovely match.

Plus size frilly knickers
These knickers from Yours are a close match for Rosie. Plus, they’re frilly!

I can honestly say 80% of my bra drawer is Curvy Kate. They have such pretty designs as well as sensible, every day ones and I find they are the best support for my boobs due to the side structure. I do wish Curvy Kate did their knickers in larger sizes but having had a chat with the lovely Charlotte about that it’s not something that is as easy as simply making them and chucking them out there. The fact that the brand have listened to customer feedback in the past and reworked certain styles of bra to resolve issues speaks volumes though, so you never know what the future holds!

Mrs D x

The Rosie set was gifted to me, all other sets I purchased myself.

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