Goodbye Summer!

Autumn and Winter are hands down my favourite part of the year. As much as I love (and need) Vitamin D I long for knitwear, hot chocolate and welly boots. The slow cooker is being dusted off this week ready for stews, soups and casseroles and I cannot wait! Having said that though there are a few things I’ll miss about summer. 
1. BBQ’ed sweetcorn. Best thing in the world. 
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2. Sitting in the beautifully lit gardens of Udderbelly by Southbank with my tiny best friend. 
3. The satisfaction of eating strawberries straight from the garden. 
4. Beach trips and massive ice creams with my husband and his BFF. 
5. Having my pick of in season fruit for breakfast and having the perfect excuse to use my beautiful Paisley Glass Bowls from Bow & Crossbones.
Mrs D x

One thought on “Goodbye Summer!

  1. I'm such an autumn girl at heart, I think it's because my birthday is in November so I always associate that time with nice things. And I like that it's cooler and you get to wear coats and hats and scarves too.

    P.S. I only tried Corn on the Cob for the first time this summer! What have I been doing with my life!

    Amy xx

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