Half-a-face-but-mostly-cat Of The Day!

I’ve been struck down in my prime by the lurgy and have spent the last four days whining about it and generally being quite grumpy. I forced myself to have a shower and get dressed today though which made me feel a teeny bit better. Not better enough for you to see my entire face though so instead, here is today’s half-a-face-but-mostly-cat!

Bloggers, meet Bella-cat! She’s our eldest cat and is quite lovely. Well, she’s lovely to me and my husband (my husband and I?) but is generally a bit terrified and therefore a bit hissy and defensive with other people. She tolerates my mum but only for a little while before she whacks her round the head haha.

I had my hair coloured the other day and my hairdresser attempted to trim my fringe. He’s quite honest in that he says my fringe is completely unknown territory for him and after 15 years of him telling me off whenever I’ve tried to cut my own hair, he encourages my fringe maintenance! He wasn’t too impressed when I told him I was doing it with the kitchen scissors though…! So, I invested in some proper hair scissors and am going to re-shape it tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have stopped sneezing by then…

EDIT – I forgot something brilliant happened today…whilst I was out having a coffee with my mother in law in our village coffee shop and a little old lady came over and said to me ‘I just wanted to tell you my dear that with your fringe and your face you look just like Elizabeth Taylor’!! She was clearly about 140 and probably quite blind but it made my bloody day 😀

Toodle-pip lovelies!
Mrs D x

2 thoughts on “Half-a-face-but-mostly-cat Of The Day!

  1. Awww what a great blog – first off I want to say hope your lurgy has up and left you whimpering as it goes. And secondly cute cat. But mostly.. wow at the Elizabeth Taylor comment – how very very sweet and lovely to hear even from a 140 year old blind woman. you made me chuckle with that one! lol


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