International Women’s Day 2017

I have spent my life being told I am too much. Too chatty, too loud, too fat, too open, too over the top, just too much. But I will not shrink and I will not be silenced. It is my responsibility to be who I am not just for me but for my daughter and for all the other women in this world who do not have a voice. I consider myself lucky to have been born when and where I was and to tick the boxes that I do. I can live my life independently and I am in charge and control of my life. Yes, I have things to overcome and contend with; existing in a fat body in a fatphobic world, my mental health, my grief and simply being female are all things that present challenges but the very fact I am able to say those out loud is a privilege. I am aware of how fortunate and privileged I am when so many others are not. Equality may be a work in progress but I personally have freedoms and opportunities some women can only dream of. 

Credit: Veronica Dearly

99% of the most important people in my life identify as women. Each and every one of them are different; they have different opinions, different values, come from different walks of life, have different experiences and different things to offer. This day always makes me emotional and when I sat and thought about all the women in my life earlier I felt overwhelmed. I honestly could not list all the women who inspire me, who I am proud to know and who I love deeply. I am part of many communities of women, plus size women, bloggers, mums, loss mum, rainbow mums, but the thing they all have in common? They are all strong, supportive and bold. And each of them inspire me in their own way so thank you, women of my life, for being you. 

To women everywhere, whoever you are, however you present, you are important, you are valued and you have worth.

And to my daughter. My already fiesty, independent, funny girl. Thinking about you and what you are capable of lights a fire in me I didn’t know what there. At six months old I know you inside and out and yet I am still learning who you are. I am almost certain that you’ve inherited the fire the women in our family hold and for that I am grateful. I cannot wait to teach you all I know, to lift you up and watch you flourish. I am so very lucky to be your mama and whatever choices you make, whatever and whoever you are and will be, I will be right beside you at every step. 

Mrs D x

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