Kitty & The Leopard Lounge

Internet, meet Chicco. We adopted him when I was 15, going through a difficult time and needed something to focus on other than what was going on with me. He lives with my mum now but still knows who his real mama is.

He only has half a tail as a result of trying to play chicken with a car a couple of years ago. He used to be really frazzled and hyperactive but since his accident he’s mellowed out a lot and wants a lot more cuddles, usually in this fashion.
On a slightly unrelated but still in a similar ballpark note, this caught my eye from my step-dad’s stereo today…
It’s on the back cover of one of his Jazz magazines (hehehe…he doesn’t get it!). Normally just looking at the front cover of those magazines sends me to sleep but that certainly caught my eye! I didn’t know old jazz fans could be so frivolous 😉
And finally on a completely unrelated note…today’s OOTD. 
Dress from ol’ trusty Tesco.
Cardigan from Marks & Sparks because I am actually 45. 
Shoes from Next
Lipstick is Hot Rod Red from Rockalily
And my beautiful Zatchel!
Well, that was a rubbish blog, wasn’t it?
Mrs D x

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