Maternity And Nursing Bras For Bigger Busts

The clothing options when you’re pregnant and plus size are incredibly limited, including maternity and nursing bras in G+. At 12 weeks my usual size 38J bras were too tight round the band which is hurting my ribs and oddly makes my belly push out further which can be uncomfortable, and my boobs are starting to bulge out of the top slightly.

It’s recommended that you get refitted regularly during pregnancy because your boobs will change enormously and very quickly. Wearing the right bra is important for so many reasons but especially during pregnancy, not only because wires poking everywhere can be very uncomfortable but also because a poorly fitting bra can affect milk production and block milk ducts. If you’re big busted it’s important to find somewhere experienced in fitting larger busts such as Bravissimo and my biggest piece of advice when you get fitted is if they bring out a tape measure and talk about adding numbers, leave quickly! 
I’m quite confident in fitting myself now after having done a Learn the Fit course with Panache a couple of years ago and having spent many an hour fondling boobs with Curvy Kate so not having access to a shop doesn’t bother me too much. Knowing how tight the band is on my 38Js I would say I need at least a 40, if not a 42 for comfort but I may only need to go up to a JJ for now. I ordered a Charlotte Soft Cup Bra by Royce in a 38J early on in my pregnancy but I couldn’t do it up so I definitely need to go up a back size or two.

I thought working out what size I need would be half the battle but actually finding anything in my size is proving to be tough! With this in mind I thought I’d make a little collection of D+ maternity and nursing bras for anyone else struggling.

D+ Maternity and Nursing Bras

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