My First Outfit of the Day!

At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself; I would stop worrying so much about what other people think and start to be exactly who I want to be. I’ve always admired 1950’s, rockabilly and vintage fashion and longed to wear red lipstick, petticoats and leopard print but for some reason thought I couldn’t.
My mum says that as a child I always had very unique views on what I wanted to wear and she just went with it. My crowning moment was definitely lime green and yellow leggings with a matching t-shirt! 😀 She said even in my early teens I always pushed towards lots of polkadots and bows in my hair. I remember some girls in my AS Level Media Studies class laughing at me once because I had a pink satin bow in my hair and I think that was probably one of the first times that I really cared about what someone thought. I’m not sure why it happened then but it held me back. That and I started to gain a lot of weight which made me feel quite hideous.
Not anymore! Well, I am still a fatty but I’m trying my best to embrace it. For the last couple of months I’ve explored my love for headscarves, polkadots, leopard print and swing dresses and it’s been marvellous! If someone stares at me I don’t feel like I want to crawl in a hole; I want to hold my head high and blow them a red lipsticked kiss.
I’m not my any means a vintage/retro/rockabilly expert and I’m totally new to this. I want to learn lots and take inspiration from others but reflect it into how I feel that particular day. So, teach me!
In the meantime though, this is my very first OOTD 🙂
Lipstick – Also from Rockalily (you’ll notice a theme after a while!)
Cardigan – Good old Marks & Spencer
Floral vest –
Jeans – Yours Clothing
Excellent old lady slippers – Sainsburys!
Mrs D x

2 thoughts on “My First Outfit of the Day!

  1. hello!
    I too love this era and the look and am slowly trying to embrace it. I've felt worried that people would notice a complete overhall and I haven't quite got the hang of red lippy everyday, seems a bit much for the school run and sadly I've become too comfortable being really casual all the time!
    weekends I'm much more myself, I do my hair and make up and I feel like me again, I just need to eek it into the week so I can feel like me everyday!
    also you said about being inspired by other. peoples style, well you've inspired me! you helped me decide to take the plunge and cut my fringe, and I love it! you also gave me the confidence to bare my legs for Red Ree's blog, so you too are an inspiration.

    hope the meds stop making you feel horrible soon xxx

    1. This has genuinely made my day! I'm worried that people will laugh at me or think I'm not actually embracing the style at all and just look a bit stupid haha. I think just injecting little bits and bobs of the style here and there in whichever way you feel comfortable is probably the way to do it. Red lipstick every day can be difficult but I've found bright lipstick of any sort works as well.
      Yay for fringes! They're brilliant…although mine is actually standing on end today so I've had to pin it back which is nearly impossibly when it's so short!
      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 xxx

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