My Tesco Disappointment

The clothing section in my local Tesco Extra has always been a good place to wander round. It’s one of the few places I feel comfortable and safe enough to venture by myself on a good day. I can usually get myself into their size 22s depending on the fabric and although the F+F True range (their plus size collection) has always been quite basic, it’s decent enough and I like having a nose round.

Over the last couple of weeks the clothing department has been completely made over and whilst it looks incredibly smart and is laid out in a much more accessible fashion, I could not be more disappointed. Having had a look round a few times now it appears that only around 20% of the clothes are being stocked right up to a 22. You’re lucky to find an 18 in the other 80% of the stock.

As for the F+F True range, this is the extent of it…

12 items out of what must be well over 300 in total. I’ve mentioned it to staff on two occasions only to be told there is more available online. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I might be being a little over dramatic but confining plus size clothes shopping to online only is another way of keeping us away from the public; forcing us to hide away and be ashamed. The number of shops plus size people can shop in is already incredibly small and now another one is being taken away.

Online shopping is my preferred method of shopping most of the time but it is nice to be able to have a stroll about and actually feel clothes and see what the colours or material really look like. That option is disappearing and it is very frustrating.

Mrs D x

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3 thoughts on “My Tesco Disappointment

  1. Tesco in York did this too. We have 2 Tesco's both carrying the clothing range, the plus range went from a small selection, to 2 rails to nothing. When I asked about the reason the answer was "Its now only online"
    We also have a Matalan (not far from one of the Tesco's) again same thing happened started as 8/10 hangers & 3 stands to nothing! When I asked there the answer was "Go to Knaresborough" from one member of staff to "Sorry, it dint sell well, try online……You can still return to store". We also lost the in-town Evans (Which was staffed by skinny kids & the manager was an unhelpful man- It used to have ace staff but they all seemed to leave around the same time) the nearest Evans is a bus/car ride away now imo not worth the effort of going. We also used to have Ann Harvey which although expensive & usually the styling was too old for me, was worth checking out for "classic" pieces and had THE nicest staff. I dont think York has any plus size retailers in the city center now

  2. Same in my local Matalan with their plus size collection, Rogers & Rogers. Was horrified when I went in last week and found that the section had been reduced to two small rails. Very, very disappointing.

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