Never Knowingly Underdressed

I wrote about the poufy skirt of wonder in this post where I created a Red Carpet inspired outfit. I am completely in love with the skirt and as such want to wear it as much as possible rather than saving it for fancy outings.

Last Saturday I trotted off to Leicester to do a spot of lunching and shopping with Leah, Nancy and Nancy’s lovely friend Lill. For whatever reason I woke up that morning and thought ‘today is a poufy skirt day’! I don’t worry too much about being overdressed for things. As a child I wanted to wear the biggest, most garish things but as a struggling teen and in my early twenties I shied away from standing out. However, over the last few years I’ve embraced my fashion desires and am quite comfortable with people staring at me (and it happens a lot with my bright hair, funny glasses and general fat but stylishness). I no longer think they’re staring at me because I’m fat and hideous, I think they’re looking at me because I look a bit different and quite fabulous! And so, I didn’t really mind wearing an overly poufy skirt on a day out shopping.

*Apologies for the crapness of these photos, they were taken at nighttime so came out all furry.

Skirt from Fashion World
Vest from Simply Be (no longer available) 
Cardigan from M&S
Kitty necklace from Pieces of the Past
I did dress it down a little with a simple red cardi and standard I’m-late-so-I’ll-vaguely-brush-my-hair hair bu I still felt pretty fabulous!
Do you stick to appropriate clothes for situations or do you like to mix it up a bit?!
Mrs D x

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