OOTD – 12th October 2012

I bought this leopard print cardigan form Next well over a year ago and it’s washed up really well. I’ve had others from there that have become really misshapen and holey but this one is holding up well. I do love it so!
I’m thinking about having my hair cut. It’s reached it maximum length now I think, but there’s not much I can really do with it and I’m feeling a little bored. I don’t want a hugely modern cut and I still want to keep it long enough to pin curl nicely and put up. Any ideas?
Mrs D x

5 thoughts on “OOTD – 12th October 2012

  1. I think I need a leopard print cardi in my life! Yours looks fab! And I'm so bored with my hair too! It's getting far too long to do anything with – takes hours to curl it nowadays! And it's being weighed down and looks all lank and crap at the roots too! Bleurgh! Xx

  2. Lovely look! I used to have hair a similar length to yours but had it cut to a long bob…about an inch below my shoulders at the back and two inches at the front and no layers. It makes it so much easier to do pin curls, victory rolls and keeping a tidy curly look anywho!

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