OOTD – 23rd July 2012

My mum bought me this beautiful dove print dress last week but I’d been waiting for the sunshine to appear to wear it. Today was that day! 

Mum kept trying to time my looking at the camera without squinting to her taking the photo but considering she still hasn’t quite got the hang of looking through the camera as opposed to looking at the screen, it didn’t work too well!
We bought this dress in a Yours shop in Northampton but for some reason, it isn’t on their website. I was made aware the other day though that it’s also on the Lady Vintage website for £5 cheaper than my dear mum paid! I love Lady V dresses and although I was worried the high neck and shorter length wouldn’t suit me, it makes me feel bloody fabulous. The material is so silky but has enough weight not to hold it’s beautiful shape and the skirt is lovely and flippy. It makes me want to twirl! 
I’m struggling a lot at the minute so I thought I’d make the most of feeling silly and cheerful by squeezing the cat and looking like a cartoon. 
I hope you’re enjoying the sun, lovelies!
Mrs D x

3 thoughts on “OOTD – 23rd July 2012

  1. I looked at that dress and wanted it! Really suits you. and I want your leopard print headband! Never heard of Lady vintage, but after a quick peek I think it might be dangerous!

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