Plus Size Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes – ASOS Curve Ditsy Dress

If I thought finding plus size maternity clothes was hard, the lack of plus size breastfeeding friendly clothes is on a whole other level. As such, since having my little boob fiend my clothing options have become severely limited. (And don’t even get me started on big cup nursing bras…) The dresses that made up the majority of my wardrobe have been packed away and the struggle to find clothes I can easily and quickly flop a boob out in is very real. Thankfully over the last couple of years I’ve become friends with jeans again (infact, I posted about my first foray into full length jeans in years in 2014!) meaning I mostly do the ‘one up, one down’ method of wearing a long vest top under regular tops. I simply lift the top up and pull my vest down along with my bra and voila, easy to feed in and my tummy doesn’t get cold/turn everyone in a five mile radius to stone.

However, I miss dresses. I miss flouncing and swishing about and general feeling like myself. In order to be able to breastfeed in dresses they either need to be an unstitched wrap or button down style. Annoyingly these are far and few between (or at least, the ones I actually like are) but I do have a couple of dresses I’ve found that I really like.

My favourite is this Ditsy Button Through Dress from ASOS Curve. I saw it on George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s Instagram and after zooming in on her boobies (thanks for that feature, IG) I realised it had buttons and therefore needed to be mine. 
Despite looking a bit like Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, I LOVE it. I got my usual size 24 and although the material isn’t stretchy, there’s more than enough room with two buttons undone to get my huge boob out. The buttons have held up really well with being undone all the time which I’m pleased with because I was worried they’d get a bit loose and considering I forget to do my bra back up most of the time I’m at high risk of flashing. 
I’m struggling with my two-babies-in-two-years-mummy-tummy at the minute so the fact that it’s loose around my hips and hangs so beautifully is very welcome. To give it a little more shape though, I added a thin belt. I normally couldn’t give a hoot about cinching in my waist but I wasn’t keen on the shape without it. I was also pleasantly surprised by the length as normally midi dresses are just dresses on me and my long legs but this is genuinely mid-calf. (As a side note, my two best friends were saying how much they wanted this dress and amusingly one is 6ft1 and the other is about 5ft2 so between the three of us we’d probably end up with one maxi dress, one midi and one regular length!) 
plus size breastfeeding friendly dress
I’m not very good at styling clothes if I’m honest so I stick to wearing it with thick woolly tights from the Big Tights Company, my favourite burgundy wide fit Chelsea boots from Simply Be and a soft knit cardigan from Yours. It feels very seasonally appropriate and it’s definitely one of my newer outfits that makes me feel a bit more me. 
plus size breastfeeding friendly dress
Mrs D x

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