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As soon as I got above a size 18 tights have been the bane of my life. I’m 5 ft 9, a size 24 with very wide, podgy hips, big thighs and calves and a smaller waist. Tights are either too short in the body and stop mid-hip so they fall down or they’re too short in the leg and I get friction burns where the crotch is too low down (sexy, I know) or if they’re long enough they’re too big on my waist and hips and fall down as soon as I move. It’s so irritating! A few months ago I went through my drawers and cleared out my tights; I had 17 pairs all of which had either tried on and immediately taken off or had never been worn. That’s a lot of wasted money!

Fortunately for me, The Big Bloomers Company exist! They also have a sister site called The Big Tights Company, both of which sell a huge range of tights from a size 20 right up to a size 42 which I’ve never seen a company do! The only thing I want to wear in winter is woolly tights which are more impossible to get than regular tights for a fat body so when lovely Laura offered to send me a couple of pairs of their new winter tights there was no way I was going to decline.

I was sent All Woman Cotton Tights with Cotton Feel and All Woman 180 Denier Tights. After trying a few brands from The Big Tights Company I’ve discovered that the All Woman range suit me the most so I had high hopes for these.

Upon taking the tights out of the packet the shape is very different compared to regular tights is completely different. They’re longer, the waist band is deep and there’s a completely opaque shorts area. They’re much bigger than tights I’ve bought before, almost legging-like which I quite liked because it meant I didn’t have to do the sexy tights wrestle that leaves me looking like I’ve just had the biggest, sweatiest sexy time when I put them on but minus the pleasant, satisfied afterglow.

The opaque shorts on the 180 Denier Tights were quite long, much longer than the ones on the Cotton Feel tights. If you’re wearing a shorter dress/skirt that falls about mid-thigh I’d suggest going for the Cotton Feel ones just to be safe.

Both pairs of tights were so, so comfortable on. The Cotton Feel were slightly more opaque than the 180 Denier but both were nice and warm, perfect for this time of year. I like my tights to come up high and I’m quite partial to having them tucked in my bra for extra toastiness which I could do with both. I even found the 180 Denier ones a bit too long in the body which almost never happens! I didn’t have to pull either of them up once during the day although the 180 Denier did feel a bit droopy towards the end of the day.

Now for some beautiful, super sexy visual aids!

All Woman 180 Denier Plus Size Tights
All Woman Cotton Woolly with Cotton Feel Plus Size Tights

I did manage to poke a couple of holes in the Cotton Feel tights purely because I was putting them on in a rush and I have ridiculous stiletto nails. Amazingly though because these are cotton the holes didn’t run and I even managed to put a stitch in them successfully!

If you’re trying to choose between the two pairs I would personally go for the Cotton Feel ones. They were thicker, more opaque and all over a better fit on me. I think the 180 Denier would suit someone size 28+ or over 5 ft 10 with a larger tummy or longer body. 
At £18.95 and £19.95 they are expensive but if you struggle to find well fitting plus size tights, it’s worth it. I’ve had mine for about two weeks now, wear them 4-5 times a week and run them through the washing machine (because who has time for hand washing) every two wears and both pairs are still perfect. I’ve bought myself two more pairs to keep me going until summer and although it did make me wince paying out for them, they are absolutely worth it.
Mrs D x

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  1. After another disastrous attempt with 'Plus Size Tights' (Screw you New Look Inspire and ASOS Curve) I'm just going to stick my neck out for a couple of pairs of these on your recommendation – the photo of you IN them proves they should fit me and my battered body!!

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