Polkadots and Pudding

Polkadots and puddings are up there with my most favourite things so any opportunity to combine the two is good with me. I missed out on this spotty prom dress from Scarlett & Jo when it was first released but luckily for me Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge was selling one a while back so I was quick to get my chubby little hands on it!

We found this cute little dessert shop in the village we stayed in in Wales earlier this month. All the little shops in the village were beautiful with ornate doorways and big windows. It was next door to a lovely restaurant we had dinner in on our last night but unfortunately for us the dessert shop was closed by the time we were finished! That didn’t stop me posing for a couple of photos with it though. 
Opaque tights from Evans
Brogues from Clarks 
I would have preferred to have worn fancier shoes but I had only packed Welsh Valley exploring appropriate ones! It’s something I love about these dresses though, dressed the right way they can look very fancy and work really well for special occasions but can also be dressed down quite easily. Which works for me because we all know I hate letting beautiful dresses gather dust in the hopes of having somewhere appropriate to wear them to! Forever overdressed is always best. 
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