Pregnancy Update – Week 16

Sleep: I’m getting back into my pre-pregnant routine in the mornings and am getting up around 6.30am when husband is up. Except now I’m really only getting up because I need to wee and have some breakfast! I’m having an hour or so nap during the day though and haven’t made it past 10pm in weeks but there’s a lot of growing happening at the minute so I don’t mind.

Eating: I’ve always had such a sweet tooth but since being pregnant all I want is savoury things. I would be quite content eating nothing but crisps and potato-y goodness at the minute. I cannot do the food shopping fast enough, I feel like the plant from The Little Shop of Horrors.

Clothes: My maternity leggings are still my favourite thing, along with these gross but impossibly comfortable yoga pants from Yours. Yoga pants are for inside the house, leggings are for outside!

Mood: I’ve had a few low days the last couple of weeks but there’s a lot on my mind at the minute with university, family and some other bits so I think that’s why. Husband is keeping a very close eye on me because of being on such a low dose of medication and being so high risk for antenatal depression but I don’t feel depressed at all, just a bit blue. It sounds silly but it’s nice to know the distinction!

Worries: A few but only one pregnancy related one; my blood pressure. I had my first consultant appointment last week and I had stupidly forgotten to take my Labetalol (medication for hypertension) at lunchtime so when they checked it, it was pretty high. Instead of the consultant giving me the pill, carrying on our appointment and checking it to make sure it had gone down they went through a big drama of sending me up to the fetal health unit so I could be monitored. The nurses up there had no idea why I was up there and as expected as soon as I took my medication, my blood pressure went down and I was fine. It was a bit of a waste of time and only made me panic but I am more aware of trying to keep my BP down now. And making sure I take my medication at the right time!

Appointments: My first consultant one last week which I’m going to write a separate post about because I’ve seen a few people nervous about what to expect. Aside from the BP fiasco it was perfectly fine and not scary at all.

Bump: It’s definitely gotten bigger this week. I’ve had a couple of people notice which has been quite lovely! I never wear anything tight on my lower belly so it’ll be a while before it’s super noticeable to everyone but I’m very aware of it. Mr D is completely enthralled by it too which makes my heart hurt a little bit.

Plus size and pregnant
See, barely there but I know! Also, let’s pretend you haven’t seen my unmake-upped, tired face.

Best bit: It hasn’t happened yet but my mum is whisking me off to a spa this weekend which I cannot wait for!

Worst bit: Realising how much it’s going to cost to get the baby’s room re-plastered because our house is ridiculous and old and as soon as we take the wallpaper and coving off the ceiling is going to fall down. *thumbs up*

Symptoms: Hardly any now! My nausea and sickness has almost completely gone which is bloody magical. I’ve been sick a couple of times in the last week but it’s only when I’ve let myself get too hungry so the second I eat anything it just comes back up. Amusingly this means my handbag is full of food at all times.

Movement: I did feel some flutters last week but nothing since which makes me think it was probably just gas haha! It was pretty magical to think it was my little pea though.

Looking forward to: My lovely husband is taking me to Wales for my birthday next week for a fancy high tea and stay in a beautiful old inn!

Mrs D & Pea x

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