Pregnancy Update – Week 22

Sleep:  Lovely, lovely sleep! I’m getting a good 8/9 hours at night (with a few wee related interruptions) and usually have an hour or two nap in the afternoon. This is probably the best quality and amount of sleep I’ve ever had!

Eating: The amount I’m eating has definitely diminished in the last few weeks which would make sense because as my uterus grows, my organs are getting a bit squished. I’m still needing to eat every couple of hours and my snacks of choice lately have been rice cakes with a slice of cheddar, mini scotch eggs and Pink Lady apples.

Clothes: I’ve been living in the New Look Inspire maxi dress I featured in this post, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I finally found a pair of maternity jeans that fit and are comfy too which is brilliant! They’re cute little crop ones from Bon Prix; I’ll be reviewing them here next week.

Mood: Mostly really good! Although now that university is over I’m spending the majority of my time at home which is getting a bit frustrating. My husband and I share a car and he leaves for work at 7am so unless I fancy getting up and driving him I’m stuck in the house. My blogging work has been a bit slow since being pregnant so I’m trying to increase that and give myself some structure in that. I am rubbish with routine, my mood starts to flail so I definitely need to sort something out.

Worries: I’m starting to worry about the things we need to do in the house ready for the baby’s arrival because it’s adding up to a lot. We’re going to have to prioritise and hold back on some things just to ensure we have enough money leftover for the essential baby things. I know there’s no point in worrying about it though, the house isn’t falling apart and if push comes to shove we’ll be just fine making the smallest of changes.

Appointments: My second consultant appointment which was frankly an enormous waste of time. I drove 40 minutes to a different hospital, waited an hour and a half to be seen and was in there for all of 3 minutes! All she did was ask how I was and if I had any problems, to which the answers were ‘fine’ and ‘no’ so it was over pretty quick!
I also had a check up with my psychiatrist which I’ll be making a separate post about it because it was pretty interesting.

Bump: It’s a proper baby bump now! Due to already having a belly long before Pea came along it wasn’t hugely obvious that I was pregnant for a while. I’ve read lots of accounts of plus size pregnant women feeling a bit down about the fact that their tummies don’t look any different for a long time and if you’re feeling like that, don’t worry because it will happen! Mine has really popped the last few weeks and there’s no mistaking it for a big lunch now.

Best bit: Our 20 week scan where we found out I was right all along and we’re having a little boy! Everything was perfectly normal and healthy which was a bit relief as I’m still waiting for something to go wrong.

Worst bit: Probably the sickness over the last week, it’s made me feel pretty grim.

Symptoms: I definitely have more energy in general but if I overdo it even slightly then I feel like I’m broken! I’ve been getting a little bit of lower backache if I walk for too long but I’m just using it as a warning sign to have a sit down. My sickness has been back with a vengeance this week which is not welcome at all. I’m hoping it’s just a surge of hormones or a blip because I’ve spent more time with my face in the toilet than with my bum on it this week and that’s just not fun.

Movement: I’m getting a LOT of movement now! He’s very active and spends a lot of time flip-flopping and wriggling around in my belly. It was just flutters and little pops initially but over the last couple of days they’ve turned into proper thuds and thumps! It’s incredible and makes it all seem very real but it doesn’t help in the slightest when I’m feeling queasy!

Looking forward to: I can’t wait until we can feel some kicks on the outside but due to my tummy podge and having an anterior placenta I think it’ll be a while yet.

Mrs D & Pea x

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