Rainbow Pregnancy – 18 Week Update

Although it feels like the weeks are going ever so slowly, in terms of organising myself enough to sit down and tap out my updates every two weeks, they’re flying by! 

The second trimester glow has definitely hit this week and it is glorious. I’m able to stay up past 9pm, I feel like I have a touch more energy and just generally feel perkier. With it though has come an increase in appetite from all the rapid growing Poglet is doing now (she is apparently the size of a sweet potato this week according to my Ovia app!). I’m finding myself having to root around in the fridge a lot more and I’m waking up ravenous every morning. I’ve had that same gnawing hunger when I’ve woken up to go to the loo in the middle of the night a few times so have had to get up and have a banana! My snacks of choice at the minute are taramasalata with wholemeal pitta, mango, celery with Boursin and Oykos passion-fruit yogurts. 
I had my first glucose tolerance test (GTT) last Friday which thankfully came back normal. Due to having a high BMI, a history of PCOS and having had a stillbirth (oh how I hate my sweet boy being reduced to that simple word) I’ll have two during this pregnancy and any future ones. The first at 16 weeks and the second around 26 weeks. I really hope I can avoid getting gestational diabetes with this little one, I don’t need any extra worry! I managed to evade it with Aneurin so fingers crossed. 
After a very difficult March the last week or so has definitely been a little more gentle. It’s been lovely having Mr D at home for the Easter holidays (he’s a special needs teacher). The first week we mostly spent with my mum which was such a treat because I normally only get to see her once a week. She’s been struggling too, losing two incredibly important people in her life in such a short space of time, so it was lovely just to spend some time with her and give her some love. We also celebrated my 29th birthday last weekend with a beautiful meal at Bills (I could eat their crispy halloumi until my insides turn to dairy) and a caterpillar birthday cake because you are never too old for one of those! This week we’ve been doing some spring cleaning and have taken more bin bags to the tip than I care to disclose. Our living room and bedroom are both looking far less cluttered which does wonders for my wellbeing. Other than that we’ve just been pottering around doing little jobs and having lovely long lay ins!
18 week bump! (For more info on what I’m wearing see my latest plus size maternity style post.)
There have been two very good things about this week. The first being that we went to The White Company and bought our Poglet a comforter. Mr D bought Aneurin one around the same time which we had cremated with him. It was very precious and we wanted to do the same for our daughter. Mr D chose a beautiful little one with an elephant on the top, perfect for clutching hold of and having a chew on! It was such a small thing to do but felt like an important step. 
The other glorious thing about this week is I’ve started to feel proper movements! I was feeling a little (okay, a lot) anxious because I was feeling a lot more movement with Aneurin at this point but I keep having to remind myself this is a totally different pregnancy. She’s definitely woken up this week though and she is rolling and swishing up a storm in there! I’m mostly feeling her in the evenings or after I’ve eaten which I take to be a little protest that her valuable swishing room has been taken up by food! 
I’ve got an appointment on Monday with my midwife to listen to Poglet’s heartbeat which I cannot wait for. The one I was feeling so anxious about at 16 weeks turned out very well. My midwife came to my home instead of me going into the surgery and being in a different environment for the first listen since the last made a huge difference. She’s having me in every two weeks to listen now just for reassurance. One of the many reasons why my midwife is marvellous!
Mrs D x
ps. Do you like my new blog design? I needed a change!

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  1. It's so great to see you enjoying the new movements and I hope each kick gives you confidence knowing you're one step closer to holding your kicking baby in your arms.

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