Testing My Comfort Zone OOTD

I don’t mention it too much here for some reason but I’m very happy to be involved in the body positive movement in my own little way. To me it means making a conscious effort to be confident in my body as it is right now and to support others in being comfortable with theirs. There are so many clothes I wear that are deemed against the ‘fat rules’, not because I particularly want to stick two fingers up to whoever makes those rules, but because I want to wear whatever it is. I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good regardless of whether it’s flattering or whether somebody else deems it appropriate. For example, I’m quite sure the general public don’t agree with me getting my knees and thunder thighs out but unfortunately for them most of the dresses I like aren’t made for giants so they don’t go beyond my chubby thighs!
I am most comfortable in a dress, tights and a cardigan (not that you’d be able to tell…). Trousers scare me. My legs are ridiculously long, my hips are as wide as a bus and my waist is both considerably smaller and quite high up which means most trousers fall down and just generally look a bit shit. Thus I stay away from them! The only trousers I feel comfortable in are a pair of capri pants I’ve had for a few years and are now a delightful shade of not-quite-grey-but-definitely-not-the-black-they-started-out-as. Or rather they were the only trousers I felt comfortable in…
High Waisted Twill Jeans from Yours
I saw these in the Yours sale a couple of weeks ago for a mere £12. I’ve wanted to branch out and test my clothing boundaries a bit lately and I was really drawn to these. Only the 30″ leg were in the sale which are way too short but I folded the hem up and now they’re ankle grazers! Which I believe are actually fashionable…right?!
My husband and I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness (which by the by is flippin’ amazing) so I thought that’d be the perfect time to wear them. I would be sat in the dark for a long period of time so if I felt overly uncomfortable it wouldn’t matter so much! I have a fat tummy. It’s normally covered up in a dress but in these trousers, it was there for all to see. My husband said to me ‘don’t wear something just because someone tells you to’ and he meant it not in the way that I shouldn’t feel like I have to cover my tummy up rather that I shouldn’t feel forced to push myself out of my comfort zone unless I really want to. It made me think a bit and I realised that this the first thing I’ve done in terms of fashion that was well out of my comfort zone as well as being against The Fat Rules. I’ve always loved high waisted trousers but have never had the confidence to wear them. It took a couple of times of wearing them to be brave enough to tuck my top in but I’m glad I got there in the end because I actually rather loved it!
This is getting incredibly rambly and I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this so er, here’s me in all my high waisted trousery glory!
Fatties can have a waist too! 
Cardigan – Clements Ribeiro at Evans (last season)
Vest – Simply Be
Trousers – Yours
Shoes – Tesco
Handbag – Collectif

It’s not hugely daring but it was a big step for me. I don’t imagine I’ll be swapping my many, many dresses for more trousers any time soon but these bad boys are definitely staying!

Mrs D x

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5 thoughts on “Testing My Comfort Zone OOTD

  1. You look lovely. I love your style and I get inspiration from you. I am very short and have a huge bum & saddlebags and also struggle with trousers. I might see if they have any of these bad boys left. Thanks for the tip & remember, we are all fabulous!!!
    Sara (42 yr old finally coming to terms with my size 20 body!!!)

  2. I think they look fabulous and incredibly chic. Good for you. Sometimes it pays to be a little brave and just goes to show that it is not what you wear but how you wear it that counts.

  3. You look amazing! Such an inspiration. I'm wondering whether I too may venture into the high waisted,! Stef x ps not sure why it's bringing me up as anonymous!

  4. You can definitly wear trousers. Love the look.
    But I know the problem to find the right one. I have a huge backside, thick thighs and a smaller waist. It's either that trousers are too roomy at my waist and slipping down. Or they are too tight at my thighs and crawl down them.

    I read so often the last time, that fat girls feel more comfortable in dresses than in trousers. I'm the complete opposite. I wasn't brave enough to wear a dress for over 20 years, but I try to give them a second chance now. 🙂


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