Tips For Keeping Cool When Pregnant

Everyone assumes if you’re plus size you hate the summer and spend the entire few months sweating and cursing that burning ball of fire in the sky. Personally I love sunshine and blue skies but I like to appreciate them from the shade preferably near some air conditioning and I’ve always been like that no matter what size I am. Being pregnant though makes the heat ten times more challenging, especially if you’re not a massive fan to begin with.

When you’re pregnant your body temperature is a little higher then usual anyway which puts you at risk of heat exhaustion as you’re trying to cool down baby as well as yourself. As soon as the temperature increased a couple of weeks ago I started getting light headed, tired out a lot quicker than usual and generally found myself struggling a bit more. Despite the temperature having crept up over 30 degrees today I’m not doing too badly because I’ve found a few tips and tricks to keep me cool and I thought I’d share them! 

1. Keep hydrated. This is so important when it’s warm, you need to be replacing electrolytes if you’re getting a bit sweatier than usual. It doesn’t have to just be water, get creative! My favourite drink at the minute is crushed ice, lemonade and a berry flavoured juice. Cocktails are my favourite thing about summer so I’m having fun making pregnant-friendly mocktails in lieu of all the tasty booze.

2. Invest in a fan. I have two electric fans in the house, one in the bedroom and one in the living room and they are marvellous. Opening windows does absolutely nothing at the minute because there’s very little breeze so these are great for pushing some cool air around the room. 
3. Keep your feet cool. Swollen feet are common during pregnancy no matter what the temperature is like but heat will only make them worse. Get yourself a big washing up bowl, fill it with cold water and dunk your feet in. 
4. Don’t over do it. If you can, do as little as humanly possible. Now is the time to renew your Netflix subscription, put your feet up (or in your cool water!) and eat ice lollies in your pants all day. Obviously if you’ve got other little ones to look after then you’re going to be a bit busier but chuck them in a paddling pool and distract them with lollies. Mama needs rest. Try and do any jobs you need to do early in the morning and later in the afternoon so you’re avoiding moving around a lot during those peak heat hours. 
5. Have a splash! Get yourself down to the local swimming pool and cool off in the water. Swimming is great when you’re pregnant because it’s such a gentle exercise that takes pressure off all those places that take the brunt of the extra weight. It can also help reduce any swelling you might have in your ankles and feet. If you can’t get to a pool, get yourself a paddling pool and hang out in that all day! Just make sure you position it under the shade and smother yourself in sun cream. 
6. Wear loose, cotton clothing. I’ve been living in a maxi dress I got from George at Asda. It’s not flattering in the slightest and closely resembles a marquee but it is lovely and cool. Tight, restrictive clothing is only going to make you feel hotter and stay away from the polyester!
7. Nap. Guilt free napping is one of the perks of being pregnant so take full advantage! It’s bloody tiring growing a human so take yourself off to bed for an hour or so in the afternoon and enjoy your body’s clever cooling down while you sleep mechanism. 
8. Spritz! Keep a little spray bottle with you wherever you go to spritz on your face as a quick cool down. There are all sorts you can get, either a fancy Thermal Water Spray, a refreshing toner like the Lush Breath of Fresh Air or simply just fill a spray bottle with tap water.

9. Frozen flannels. Pop a couple of flannels in the freezer or just soak them in cold water and lay them across the back of your neck if you need a quick cool down. Laying them on your inner wrists is also helpful, as is running your wrists under cool water.

10. Tepid baths. Don’t be fooled into  thinking a cold shower or bath will cool you down because your body will actually try to heat itself up as a reaction to the full body shock (hence why pool water is never actually cold). Instead, run yourself a tepid bath. I turn my cold tap on full then my hot one so it literally just takes the edge off and lay like broccoli in it for an hour or so. 

Have you got any other tips for how to keep cool? 
A Nice and Chilly Mrs D & Pea x

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